Entertainment Contract

This Contract is being made between IJC and  ____________________________________.

IJC agree to provide a (Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Choir, A Capella) as an entertainment on this date: _____________________________. From _____ (am / pm) to _____ (am / pm) for a _______________________________ (type of event).

The IJC will set up in advance and provide necessary equipment to fulfill this agreement.

We ask you to one person to be appointed “in charge” (Name and Phone Number)


The fee for the IJC shall be $_____________________
A down payment of $_______________ must be paid in advance with the balance of $ ______________ due immediately upon the beginning of the event upon cash, check or credit card. The customer is responsible to pay for extra time played. Regardless of what time contracted.

All checks should be made to AMERICAN JEWISH COLLEGE. If you have any questions or concerns please fell free to call 800-605-7435

Thank you, we hope you have a great time and that you think of us anytime you want to make your special event.

International Jewish Choir Representative _______________________________________

(Your name and Signature) _______________________________________________