Lesson Policy

A student, who wishes a permanent appointment, must pay tuition at the beginning of each month. Payment is due with the first lesson of the month.

Your teacher would appreciate a call if you are unable to attend a lesson. Your teacher is waiting fory ou. You must notify your instructor at least 24 hours in advance. Your lesson can be rescheduled either for later that week or during the fifth week. Do not expect a rescheduled lesson if the 24 hour rule has not been followed. However, please do not come to your lesson sick. If you are not well enough to go to school/work, you are not well enough for lesson.
Please be prompt for your lessons. If you are late, you may not be able to receive a full lesson. Attention: Missed lessons (No show) cannot be credited or deducted from the tuition.
You are free to discontinue lessons if you feel that the lessons do not meet your needs or expectations. Please provide your teacher with one or two weeks notice whenever possible and notice before the next month is required.
By signing this registration form, I have read and agreed to the policies set forth by The National Jewish Choir (NJC):
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